Standard Operating Procedures

Depending on the State or market where you are applying for a Cannabis license, the number of available licenses can range from a handful to relatively unlimited. Each state or market has its own application process, which includes its own required documentation, fee structure, requirements and process for awarding licenses. The markets where the number of licenses is limited are very competitive.

The application packets can vary from confoundingly vague and short on detail, to almost 100 pages that detail every aspect of the application packet. Some states/markets require applicants to write and compile thousands (yes, THOUSANDS) of pages of documents, covering everything from company and facility information to policies; methods and procedures for every aspect of the business. To complicate the matters even more, the requirements can often change multiple times during the process of completing the application. We have seen this happen in multiple markets and it seems to be the norm rather than the exception.

Until you have gone all the way through an application process, it is hard to understand the amount of work required to submit a completed application that has a chance at landing a cannabis license.In order to assist our clients in the application process, we have composed/compiled sets of operational documents for Dispensaries; Cultivation facilities; Manufacturing facilities and Testing Laboratories.

General Procedures Cultivation Procedures
  • Operations Emergency/Medical
  • Operations Emergency/Fire
  • Operations Emergency/Chemical
  • Operations Emergency/Natural Disasters
  • Operations Emergency/Power Loss
  • Operations Emergency/Evacuation
  • Operations Emergency/Criminal
  • Operations Inventory/Tracking
  • Operations Inventory/Controls
  • Operations Inventory/Recall
  • Operations Inventory/Waste Disposal
  • Operations Closing/Fire Safety Checks
  • Chain of Custody Procedures
  • Hard Copy Back-up-Redundant Systems
  • Fire Prevention Program Manual
  • BBP Exposure Plan
  • Chain of Custody Policy
  • Diversion Prevention Policy
  • Drug-Free Workplace Policy
  • Electrical Safety Program
  • Emergency Action Plan
  • Emergency Equipment
  • Emergency Procedures
  • General Closing Checks
  • Recall Procedures
  • Screening & Monitoring of Employees
  • Waste Disposal Plan
  • Clone Taking Manual
  • Cultivation General Manual
  • Germination Manual
  • Harvesting Manual
  • Measuring & Adjusting pH
  • Nutrients Manual
  • Seed Production Manual
  • Soil Manual
  • Transplanting Manual
  • Water Manual
  • SOP_C001_Cloning
  • SOP_C002a_Germination
  • SOP_C002b_Germination
  • SOP_C002c_Germination
  • SOP_C003_Seed Production
  • SOP_C004_Nutrient Mixing
  • SOP_C005_Flushing Nutrient
  • SOP_C006_Watering & Feeding
  • SOP_C007_Adjusting pH
  • SOP_C008_Medium Mixing
  • SOP_C009_Transplanting
  • SOP_C010_Harvesting
  • Plus a set of applicable SDS/MSDS
Manufacturing Procedures Laboratory Procedures
  • Cannabis Edibles Reference Manual
  • Chemical Hygiene Plan
  • Chemical Storage Guidelines
  • Closed Loop Extractor Operating Manual
  • Compressed Gas Cylinder Storage & Handling
  • Cold Water Extraction Manual
  • Cooking Fundamentals Manual
  • Food Safety Manual
  • Guide to GMP for Pharmaceutical Products
  • Cannabinoid Infused Butter and Oils Manual
  • Quality Compliance
  • Emergency Eyewash & Shower Manual
  • Extract Filtering & Refining Manual
  • Extraction General Manual
  • Food Safety Manual
  • General Laboratory Procedures
  • Hazardous Gas Storage
  • Hood Safety & Ventilation Procedures
  • Infusing Cannabinoids into PG & VG
  • Laboratory Employee Training
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Personal Protective Equipment Policy
  • Respiratory Protection Program
  • OSHA Prudent Practices in the Laboratory
  • SOP_M001_Eyewash Station
  • SOP_M002_Closed Loop System Test
  • SOP_M003_Closed Loop System Operation
  • SOP_M004_Loading & Refilling Solvent Gases
  • SOP_M005_Infusing PG/VG
  • SOP_M006_Winterization
  • SOP_M007_UV Treatment
  • SOP_M008_Hexane Wash
  • SOP_M009_Haxane Brine Wash
  • SOP_M010_Solvent Reclaim
  • SOP_M011_Vacuum Oven
  • SOP_WFM001_Cold Water Extraction
  • SOP_WFM002_Cannabinoid Butter Production
  • Chemical Hygiene Plan
  • Chemical Storage Guidelines
  • Compressed Gas Cylinder Storage & Handling
  • Disposal Policy for Materials of Uncertain Composition
  • Electrical Safety
  • General Laboratory Procedures
  • Hazardous Gas Storage
  • Hood Safety & Ventilation Procedures
  • Laboratory Employee Training
  • Monthly Laboratory Checklist
  • Personal Protective Equipment Addendum
  • Personal Protective Equipment Policy
  • Respiratory Protection Program
  • OSHA Prudent Practices in the Laboratory
  • SOP_L001_Eyewash Station
  • SOP_L002_Respiratory Protection
  • SOP_L003_Solvent Reclaim
  • SOP_L004_Vacuum Oven
  • SOP_L001ch_Acutely Toxic Chemicals
  • SOP_L002ch_Compressed Gases
  • SOP_L003ch_Corrosive Chemicals
  • SOP_L004ch_Dry Boxes
  • SOP_L005ch_Flammable Liquids
  • SOP_L006ch_Oxidizers
  • SOP_L007ch_Ozone
  • SOP_L008ch_Solvent Stills
  • Plus a set of reference methods from the EPA/DEA/ICH
  • And all applicable SDS/MSDS

Although these documents are only a part of what you will most likely need to submit a completed application, they can save you an enormous amount of effort and time. Not to mention giving your company a good fundamental foundation for its operations.

Medcan also offers consulting services to assist with putting together everything needed before going into your application process. Which includes business plans, corporate structure and investment documents. As well as everything else needed in the actual application process, besides your operational documents.For more information about any of these services, please submit an information request through the website or call one of our offices!

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