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Puerto Rico Embraces Medcan Foundation

Henry Levinski - Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Dear Friends, Partners & Shareholders,

We had an incredible turnout for our courses certifying Doctors as well as  Occupational and Agricultural attendees. We sold out on both days of the seminar and well on our way to doing the same for the courses on August 13th & 14th. Below please find links to a few articles that express the public and media's excitement of Medcan Foundation and what we are doing to educate both Doctors and the General Public on Medical Cannabis and its benefits for our patients. 

Primera Ahora- 

“Simple” el nuevo reglamento del cannabis

El Vocero- 

Preparan profesionales certificados en manejo de cannabis medicinal en la Isla

La Cordillera- Cursos como requisito para certificaciones y licencias en la Industria del Cannabis Medicinal

El Regional- Cursos sobre la Industria del Cannabis medicinal

Microjunis- Cursos como requisito para certificaciones y licencias en industria de cannabis medicinal en Puerto Rico

The San Juan Daily Star-
Please be directed to page 8 for the article: Medical Cannabis Seminars Slated for This Weekend

Again, Times are exciting in Puerto Rico and be sure to register for the upcoming seminars on August 13th for Doctors and the 14th for Occupational and Agricultural by clicking on  the following link:  http://medcan.worldsecuresystems.com/our-seminars.html

All my best,

Dante Picazo, CHA

President & CEO

Medcan Foundation, Inc.

(214)-733-0868 MB

(817)-528-2475 OF


Medcan Occupational and Agriculture Licenses Seminar July 17

MedCan Foundation - Sunday, July 10, 2016

Medical Cannabis Seminar for Occupational and Agriculture Licenses

Class Schedule July 17th, 2016

9:00 - 10:00 AM          Student Check-in Begins

10:00 - 10:30               Seats and Introduction
                                     Mr. Dante Picazo,
                                     Medcan Foundation Director

10:30 – 11:45               Dra. Denise Rodríguez-Steidel, MD
                                     (Requisitos Específicos Relacionados a las Pruebas de
                                     Calidad, el Uso Medicinal del Cannabis y Disposiciones

11:45 - 1:00                 Alex Poyato
                                     Hydroponics of the Caribbean Director
                                     Entrenamiento en Horticultura

1:00 – 2:15PM             LUNCH

2:15 – 4:00                   Lcdo. Pedro Giner Dapena
                                      Entrenamiento en Distribución – Transporte
                                      Entrenamiento en Dispensación Ocupacional Legal

4:00 - 5:30                    Lcdo. Eugenio Ibarra
                                      Entrenamiento de Entidades Solicitantes como Dispensarios,
                                      Cultivo, Laboratorios, Manufactura, Transporte.

5:30 – 5:45                    BREAK

5:45 – 6:30                    Lcdo. Kermit Ortiz
                                       Entrenamiento en Agricultura Legal

6:30 - 7:15                     Questions and Closing
                                       Mr. Dante Picazo,

                                       Medcan Foundation Director

Medcan Doctors Seminar Schedule July 16

MedCan Foundation - Sunday, July 10, 2016

Class Schedule July 16th, 2016

9:00 – 10:00 AM            Student Check-in Begins

10:00 - 10:30                  Seats and Introduction 
                                        Mr. Dante Picazo, CHA                                           
Foundation Director 
10:30 – 11:45                  Cannabis - Street Drug, Home Remedy, or Medication                                         
 Dr. José Torres Torres, MD 

11:45 – 1:00                    Chemistry and Oil Extraction                                         
 Phillip High                                          
 Medcan Foundation Director of R&D 
1:15 – 2:15                       LUNCH

2:15 – 3:15                       History and Pharmacology of Cannabis                                          
  Cliff Deuvall                                         
  Advisor to the Board of Thailand Cannabis Corporation 
3:15 - 4:30                       Cannabinoids and Medicine                                           
 Dr. Eduardo Ibarra Ortega, MD
4:30 – 5:45                      Protocols for Regulation 155
                                         Licenciada Mayra Maldonado                                          
 Directora Oficina de Asesores Legales                                            
 Departamento de Salud de Puerto Rico

5:45 - 6:00                       Questions and Closing                                          
 Mr. Dante Picazo,                                          
 Medcan Foundation Director

Puerto Rico Seminar May 2016

MedCan Foundation - Monday, May 23, 2016

Dear Friends,

I want to take a moment out of my day to let you know that Medcan will be visiting Puerto Rico. Predominantly, since our office has received an abundance of calls requesting personal meetings; consequently, please feel free to call me directly so that I can add you to our schedule. I will be staying at the La Concha hotel 1077 Ashford Avenue, San Juan, 00907, Puerto Rico 787-721-8500 from this coming Wednesday the 25th to Monday the 30th. Furthermore, via separate email I am sending you the schedule for the seminar for this next Saturday the 28th. If you have not registered please do so since we are starting to be booked 100%.

Moreover, I want to remind all that Puerto Rico as well as Texas regulation is coming along with no hitches and of course we will be discussing this topic extensively; as well as some possible minor changes to both Puerto Rico 155 and Texas SB 339. Also, our friends flying in from Texas when making your reservations request for your hotel rooms ask for the Medcan rate; otherwise, you will be paying north of $400.00 for a room. Please remember that it is Memorial Day weekend and the hotels are full. Thank you again I look forward to visiting with you.

Medical Cannabis Seminars

Good morning students. Welcome to Medcan Academy of Cannabis Science. Advanced educational seminar dedicated to exploring the latest issues regarding the legalization and use of medicinal cannabis.                                   

Class Schedule

9:30 - 10:00 AM          Student Check-in Begins

10:00 - 10:30 AM        Introduction by Mr. Dante Picazo,

                                      Medcan Foundation Seminar Director

10:30- 12:00 PM         Cannabis as a Street Drug, as a Home Remedy,

                                      And as a Legal Drug Medication

                                      By Dra. Milva Vega

12:00 - 12:15 PM         Break

12:15 - 1:30 PM           Chemistry, Oil Extraction, and Medical Dosage

                                      By Mr. Phillip High, Medcan VP of R & D

1:45 - 3:00 PM            Lunch

3:00 - 4:30 PM       Cannabis Horticulture

                                      By Alex Poyato, Hydroponics of the Caribbean

4:30 - 5:00 PM             Investment, Licensing, and Funding

                                      By Mr. Dante Picazo,

                                      Medcan Foundation Seminar Director

5:00 - 5:15 PM            Break

5:15 - 6:30 PM            Regulation 155 and Legal Subjects

                                      By Mr. Kermit Ortiz Morales ESQ.

6:30 - 7:00 PM        Questions and Closing

                                      By Mr. Dante Picazo, Seminar Director

All my best,

Dante Picazo, CHA 

President & CEO

Medcan Foundation

214-733-0868 MB

817-528-2475 OF


Cannabis Lives Matter

MedCan Foundation - Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Greetings, you are receiving this letter if you have subscribed to our Medcan Herald Newsletter, or if we have received an inquiry from you and/or if you have registered to participate in any of our promotions.

From Dante’s Desk:

Dear Friends, Partners, and Shareholders,

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter to you simply to inform you that yes, it is correct, Cannabis Lives do Matter! Consequently, Medcan Foundation has been dealing with top State legislators; those that have denounced their support for medical cannabis all the way to the ones that are wanting to make a difference. Needless to say, a person that has and will support our advocacy is current State representative David Simpson of Longview, who is currently in a runoff election for Senate District 1. Consequently, please feel free to go to his website (http://davidsimpson.com/) and help back his efforts and contribute to a great cause.  Don’t be shy as we at Medcan are doing the same in supporting his campaign for senator. Additionally, we are introducing a full medical cannabis bill, as well an addendum to the current SB339 bill plus another CBD bill.

As for Senator Donna Campbell, while we must respect her intelligence, we need to provoke her compassionate side by introducing her to the fact that numerous patients are suffering (and dying) from cancer and other debilitating ailments. We will continue to work with her office to try to get her to change her mind simply on the basis of responsibility and better judgment. As you can imagine, we will not be comfortable in letting her be covered by the blanket of “we need more studies”; how many more studies do we need to demonstrate the power of cannabis to relieve the suffering caused by many conditions. Moreover, there have been more than 22,000 published studies or reviews done referencing cannabis and its cannabinoids, most of which have been done in the past decade, that is more than 3 studies per day for the past ten years. When is enough, enough?

From the Desk of Yosi and Deyra:

As many of you are aware our next seminar is scheduled in Austin at the Hilton Garden Inn Austin North on April 23rd and 24th, and as usual it is filling fast. We will be discussing SB339 (the Compassionate Use Program), cooking with cannabis, horticulture, oil extraction methodology, dispensary construction, the future of cannabis in Texas, and licensing/investing in the Texas market. Therefore, be sure to register soon to reserve your space as there are only 10 seats available.  You can register online at www.medcanfoundation.com or simply click on the following link to register Register Here . Additionally, be sure to friend us on Facebook

From Phillip’s Desk:

Colorado Comes to Texas –

As many of you know, my family and I recently moved back to Texas.  This is so we can be solely focused on Medcan and helping them better serve you and to establish the Texas market.  We are excited to be back and anxious to share with you all of the information we have gained from the industry in Colorado.  The industry is moving fast, with concentrates and their derivatives quickly becoming the mainstay for patients and recreational users alike.  While in Colorado, we were able to conduct in depth research into various extraction and refining methods.  This experience has given us insights into how raw cannabis can be manipulated in the laboratory, in order to yield one’s desired results.  Now we have the means to remove contaminates and unwanted components, enabling the production of high purity concentrated cannabinoids.  This then translates into the ability to make designer medications for specific patients or ailments.


It is a wonderful and opportune time to be getting into the industry.  Texas will be helping to pave the way for the resurgence of true Medical Cannabis (products).   Bringing the attention back to where it belongs, helping patients and people in need.

From Henry’s Desk:

Medical Cannabis News From Around the World

It appears medical cannabis is becoming more mainstream every day, as more and more countries approve the use of medical cannabis for patients in need!

Canadian Pharmacies Looking to Enter the Medical Cannabis Market

Can you imagine just walking down to the corner pharmacy and picking up your medicine? If we can do that for virtually every other medication, why not cannabis?

Medical cannabis is legal in Canada, but the only authorized way for authorized patients to procure it is through mail-order.  This could change if pharmacies have their way. The nation’s largest chain is apparently looking to sell both branded and white-labeled cannabis And several other pharmacies are exploring entry into the industry as well.  Several factors are driving the interest, including the potential for full legalization, the recent introduction of cannabis oil and the growing acceptance as the MMPR program, overseen by Health Canada, approaches its second anniversary

Australia Legalizes Medical Cannabis!

Narcotics Drugs Amendment Bill (2016) has passed. This amendment, along with the subsequent changes to the Therapeutic Goods Act (1989), authorizes state or territory government agencies to undertake and manage cultivation and production of cannabis and cannabis resin, for use in the manufacture of medicines and for scientific studies. The bill, which passed through the House of Representatives on Tuesday and the Senate on Wednesday this week, will create a national body that can issue licenses to growers, and regulate local crops of medicinal marijuana.

New South Wales Medical Cannabis Trial to Treat Chemotherapy Patients Suffering Nausea

The largest clinical trial of its kind, testing medicinal cannabis to treat chemotherapy patients suffering from nausea, has been announced by New South Wales Premier Mike Baird.

The medicinal cannabis trial is the third of its kind in NSW - the other two have been for terminally ill patients and children with severe epilepsy.

On Wednesday, the Federal Parliament passed legislation to legalize the cultivation of cannabis for medicinal purposes.

Italy Decriminalizes Medical Marijuana Cultivation, May Be Step Toward Legalization

Italian lawmakers have eased up on medical cannabis growers, “decriminalizing those who violate agreed terms on cultivating the plants for therapeutic purposes,” according to Italian news sources.

In addition to easing punishments on medical pot growers, the new rules also decriminalize cannabis researchers who violate growing regulations.

Italian politicians also hope that taking steps to decriminalize marijuana will create positive economic changes, freeing up money from pointless marijuana prosecutions for more important and pressing uses.

It is time for America to realize the potential of this miraculous plant and allow us the freedom to harness the potential of cannabis to treat the many illnesses it has shown to be able mitigate.

All my best,

Dante Picazo, CHA

President & CEO

Medcan Foundation, Inc.

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Medcan Support for Representative Simpson

MedCan Foundation - Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Dear Ms. Kania,

I would like to take a moment out of my day to thank you for the time, courtesy and attention that you afforded to Mr. Levinski and I during our telephone conversation; more to the point, please know that we are both, excited and eager to receive your information regarding our participation to help State Representative David Simpson during his runoff campaign for the Senate District 1 seat.

Additionally, as discussed priorities are simply that, priorities and we truly believe that State Representative Simpson needs to be elected in order to positively look at any potential or future legislation. Once accomplished, we would be honored to speak with him about sponsoring our addendums or CBD bill. Therefore, again at the risk of being redundant, we are looking to roll up our sleeves and get our hands dirty. So, simply at your convenience sketch out the marching orders and we will comply. Conclusively, should your office have a PR document that can be used immediately, please send it our way and we would love to forward it to our Medcan followers for immediate use to garner support and donations for Representative Simpson.

All my best,

Dante Picazo, CHA

President & CEO

Medcan Foundation, Inc.

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(817)-528-2475 OF


Conversation with DPS concerning CBD/THC levels and current set of revisions for the TCUP

Phillip High - Thursday, March 17, 2016

Dear Ms. Boline,

Thank you for speaking with Mr. Phillip High, Medcan Director of R&D and myself today, over and above for sharing the updates from your office on the Compassionate Use Program. Additionally, your information on the subject of another set of regulation revisions and the fact that it will be posted soon was excellent news. Predominantly, because once again, as in the past, we will be allowed the opportunity to continue to insert our comments into this ongoing process; which by the way, is more than we expected; and though your professionalism has being part of the process, grateful we are.

More to the point, we appreciated your insight regarding the DPS taking into consideration the subject of the cannabis development process and the fact that cultivation is not an exact science as well as your agency affirmation that precise THC levels can be unpredictable; on the other hand, as discussed the refining of the oil/product at the medical laboratory level is clear-cut and precise. Consequently, as mentioned to you during our exchange of ideas THC levels can be controlled and once more it is reassuring that your office understands the process/methodology and is willing to work with the primary intention to allow us to produce quality medication for our Texas epilepsy patients. That being said, your comment that the legislation concerning “any low THC cannabis” is being interpreted by the DPS with great compassion, or in other words that as long as our flower is being legitimately used to produce the low-THC medication it will be considered to be in compliance; whereby, will not put our operations, managers, or growers in jeopardy. Perceptibly, we as operators must pledge to be incredibly concerned with our commitment to follow the spirit and the letter of the law.

Moreover, as mentioned the percentages by weight change dramatically when the oils are extracted from the plant material.  It is understandable that the initial language of the legislation, and therefore regulations, were based on percentages by weight.  As this is the way that cannabinoid (CBD and THC) concentrations are described in plants.  However, when dealing with oils and concentrates, there is no plant matter.  Therefore 100% of the weight is comprised of CBD and THC.  As you can see in the graphs, the 0.5% THC by weight, in the plant, jumps up to 5% by weight in the oil.





That is why we would suggest using ratios, instead of percentage by weight.  10%:0.5% is a ratio of 20:1.  However, if the 0.5% by weight is then applied to the oil, you end up with 99.5%:0.5%.  Which is a ratio of 200:1, thus bringing the amount of THC 10 times lower than what was truly intended under the spirit of the law of the SB 339 regulation, for the final medication! The below chart helps illustrates our opinion:



The 0.5% weight in the oil form is not impossible to obtain; nevertheless, it would be difficult to achieve and the operating cost could range into the millions for Texas SB339 operators.  To give you an example, the type of equipment needed, to refine the CBD oil to a purity of 99.5%+, would be the Waters SFC 350 Preparative System.  This system costs up to $350K and can only produce 100g of pure CBD per day.  This is only enough medication for 300 patients (at the estimated dosage of 300mg per day). Texas is the home of about 175,000 to 183,000 intractable epilepsy patients; however, because of the very low ratio of THC contained by SB 339 we estimate that only about 20% of our patients will benefit from the use of the medication, otherwise stated approximately 30,000 patients. Unfortunately, many epilepsy patients, such as Alexis Bortell, need a higher dose of THC for the medication to be effective and have subsequently moved to Colorado to obtain their medicine. Lowering the THC by a factor of 10, would prevent even more patients from being able to utilize medication in Texas.  So in order for the medication to be available to the estimated market (30,000 patients), we would need 100 such previously stated systems to genesis our Texas program.  That is an extra cost of $35 million in equipment, not even accounting for the highly skilled labor that would be needed to run such operations. Hence, it would greatly limit the number of businesses that could enter the industry but most importantly it would make the medication extremely expensive for the patients.  The beauty of using the initial 20:1 ratio, is that it can be applied to all areas and products without having the meaning change from one product to the next

I hope this observation helps to clear up our concerns.  I would be honored and/or delighted and available if necessary to break into any questions or assess any concerns you may have for further clarification on our report.

As a final point, we were pleased to hear that the DPS is still on schedule for obtaining bids for the registry as planned. Again, we appreciate all you are doing for our patients in Texas and look forward to continue working with you.


All my best,

Henry Levinski

VP of Operations

Medcan Foundation, Inc.

817.528.2475 MB


Medcan's Conversations With the DEA/DOJ

MedCan Foundation - Tuesday, February 16, 2016

From Dante's Desk:

Dear friends, partners, and shareholders,

I want to take a moment out of my day to provide you with an update regarding the outcome of our 2 month communication project with the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Department of Justice Administrators. The reason for us wanting to communicate with the DEA, DOJ, field agents, Diversion Control legal units and the Nationwide Chief of the Regulatory Unit is simple, we needed to make sure that we don’t have horrible direct pressures or unmanageable hurdles to overcome during our implementation of Texas SB 339 for our doctors, our operators, and of course equally or most importantly our patients. For that reason, as previously mentioned, during the last 2 months we have communicated extensively with the offices of the DEA in El Paso, the Valley, Austin/Houston, Midland/Odessa and various offices of their headquarters in Washington, DC and their main national offices in Alexandria, VA.

The topics of our conversations varied depending on whether we were communicating with field agents, lawyers or policy makers; however, the spirit of our conversation revolved around our main question, “Has the DEA or any other law enforcement agency local or national division adopted a policy in regards to (a) SB339 and (b) the language admitting that our CBD/THC medication will be prescribed to patients? Furthermore, any comments to the fact that Texas will be the first state in the nation where doctors will actually prescribe what is, to date, a non-approved FDA medication and that under the eyes of the federal government continues to be a substance under Schedule I guidelines stating that it has no medicinal value?” Additionally, in a nutshell we were sincere, blunt and were not able to avoid our most important question, “Do you intend to show aggression to our Texas doctors, suspend their licenses or incarcerate them for treating our intractable epilepsy patients with CBD medication?”.

Accordingly, as most of you know, Rule Number 1 when you ask a question is that you are going to receive an answer, even though many times it may not be what you had in mind or what you want to hear. All the same, in all fairness the responses from Texas local law enforcement agencies were exceptionally courteous, amicable and in addition our conversations were incredibly well received. Albeit, we were surprised about the fact that Texas SB339 for the most part has not yet been digested by most of our local or national officials. As a result, we were very kindly requested to submit our questions and concerns in black and white, so that our correspondence could be examined properly and make it all the way to the national headquarters. Perceptibly, please understand that Medcan does not possess an ounce of naiveté and that we were not expecting to hear an answer such as of course you medical cannabis operators and doctors can do whatever you want, you have carte blanc from us the federal government and be sure to send us an invitation to the grand opening of your medical dispensaries; on the other hand, it is imperative for Medcan to be morally and fiduciarily responsible. Hence, it is of our utmost concern to let the enforcement agencies know that Medcan’s primary concern is to educate doctors, lawyers, Texas entrepreneurs and patients regarding the good, the bad and the indifference of Texas Medical cannabis law.

Furthermore, we feel that we need to understand the fundamental truth and the essence of the spirit of the law so that we can break into it and understand it, but most importantly learn to live within that truth so that we can, avoid if at all possible, future unsafe conflict. In other words we feel that we must present to you, our franchisees, investors, patients, friends and followers the reality of the risks and rewards when dispensing, prescribing or utilizing the medication. Out of the many answers received, what resonated with me the most (even though I realize it is not a guarantee), was when one of the Lawyers of Texas DEA said, “It will probably never get to the point of suspending doctors licenses or incarceration”. In addition, please know that we found the life-force of the attitude of our Texas enforcement agencies was better than friendly and it was definitely compassionate and understanding; and even though, we knew that we were not going to get definitive answers to our questions, simply because they do not exist, we wanted to collect names of the agencies and top state and national directors so that if in the future we stumble into horrible roadblocks we have some reference points and intelligent law enforcement administrators that we can reconnect with to try to obtain reasonable legal systemic assistance.

Lastly, it was encouraging to find some of the same names and people that we had contacted 8 or 10 years ago when Medcan was born, in addition to letting them know that we are still around and that we continue to stay beyond reproach. In a nutshell, please do not be misguided nor take our report to the bank; particularly, since each and every one of us should calculate our very own risks to make our own decisions. Nonetheless, I must tell you our 2 month project allowed Medcan to feel that as long as we comply with the minutiae and legal protocol that has been presented to us by the DPS we can feel unperturbed; in addition, our honest humble opinion is that we are going to be treated fairly and that our doctors are going to be treated like the rest of the physicians in the country. Truthfully, we strongly feel that our inquyiries and actions will positively echo/impact and shape the future of our well being and relationships with our law enforcement agencies.  Without shaking the trees too hard or awaking a sleeping giant and/or upsetting our lawmakers and enforcement agencies; we will respectfully, cautiously, periodically and under the protection of our legal counselor Mr. Steve Khoury, Attorney at Law, continue to address the situation to keep you updated. Please keep in mind that we can only report the facts, nothing else.

We look forward to seeing you in Austin on February 20-21 for our seminar at the Hilton Garden Inn Austin North (12400 North IH-35 Building C, Austin, Texas 78753, phone 512-339-3626) where we will more fully discuss our findings of our forever trial and error, research and search for the meaning of our medical cannabis truth in our respective markets. On a different note, we only have 5 seats left for our Feb. 20-21 Austin Seminar so if you have not already booked your seat, hurry and sign up before they are all taken. Thank you, we hope to see you soon.


All my best,

Dante Picazo, CHA 

President & CEO

Medcan Foundation, Inc.

214-733-0868 MB

817-528-2475 OF


Conversation With Ms. Linda Boline of the DPS

MedCan Foundation - Monday, February 08, 2016


From Dante’s Desk:


Dear Friends, Partners and Shareholders,

It is with great pleasure that I take a moment out of my day to update you on our latest conversation with the director of the Texas Compassionate Use Program, please review it and try to apply the information to your license processing plans and/or your business plan. Additionally, we will complete a report about our conversations with agents and lawyers of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as soon as our project is completed. However, we have communicated with Austin, Houston and El Paso and, again at the risk if being redundant, we still have the DFW, Midland/Odessa, and the Valley regional offices to discuss SB339 with. Conclusively, don’t forget to sign in for our upcoming Austin seminar that will be taking place at the Hilton Garden Inn on February 20 & 21st . Thank you and stay tuned for upcoming information.

Conversation with Linda Boline of the DPS:

Dante: Ms. Boline I wanted to ask if there was going to be any leniency on the 20:1 ratio of the plants grown for the medicine, what if they are 20:5 just do to the way the plants naturally grow, will we have to destroy them if you come in to inspect?

Ms. Boline: We are not going to check the plants, it is the finished product that has to be at the proper potency.

Dante: So we just need to run the product through a machine that spits out a slip of paper that shows the test results for the product to show to your inspectors? Will they be running their own tests as well, or be sending samples to a lab?

Ms. Boline: Correct, our inspectors will need to see proof that the product was tested and passed all regulations. At this point our inspectors will not be testing as we have not found any handheld machines that can be used by someone without a science background, and while we may take samples to send to a lab at some point, that is not in the regulations right now and there is nothing written about having an independent testing facility, that is something that might come up in the next legislative session. Right now it is up to you to have your product tested and show proof to the inspectors that it passes all regulations.

Dante: In our previous conversations we discussed that since this is such a narrow bill with a limited number of patients our being able to dispense this medication out of an existing pharmacy or drugstore, is this still the case?

Ms. Boline: Of course, as long as it passes all the regulations it should be OK.

Dante: So you don’t think this will be any problem?

Ms. Boline: No, as long as you have the proper security which to you may not be an issue, but to someone else it may be. You just need to follow the regulations as written.

Dante: Did I read somewhere that we have to show we are financially sound for 2 years when we turn in the application?

Ms. Boline: Yes, it is in the regulations, you must show your business is financially viable for 2 years.

Dante: So what does that mean exactly?

Ms. Boline: Based on whatever business model you choose, let’s say you show your monthly expenses are $5,000, you must show you can maintain your business for 2 years paying those expenses or have the $120,000 in the bank.

Dante: If you would like, we can send you sample business plans for dispensaries, grow operations, labs with all the breakdowns for product usage, ounces needed, projected incomes and expenses, etc. so you can compare to what you may have.

Ms. Boline: I appreciate that, but it is not necessary, but you might be a source of information to others wanting to do this.

Dante: So what is the timeline right now for the applications?

Ms. Boline: We are currently finishing writing the request for bids for the information system we will use for the Registry. This should be completed and be ready to post for bids by April, it will be posted for 30 days and the vendor chosen and awarded by June, 2016. In July we will then begin working on the database for the Registry.

Dante: We will be getting the applications right after this, correct?

Ms. Boline: Exactly, once the database is complete we will begin issuing the applications. We are expecting to begin the application process in June, 2017.

Dante: Why 2017?

Ms. Boline: We expect to take 11 months to finish building the database, it is a complex process but we feel we can finish in that amount of time.

Dante: But it could take less time, as you seem to have been able to complete all your tasks earlier than originally planned so far?

Ms. Boline: It is possible, but whenever the database is up the applications will come out immediately after that.

Dante: Is the DPS still looking at only giving out only 3 licenses?

Ms. Boline: No, that was in the bill that at least 3 licenses would be issued by Sept. 2017, we will license anyone who qualifies whether it is 3 or 50. We realize there may be some hand-holding (personal guidance and support) with people like you to obtain their license, but once the inspectors visit the site if there are any items still needing to be addressed you have 90 days to correct them and in fact can have an additional 90 days if need be. We want to license everyone who qualifies.

Dante: And do you think it will take 90 days to obtain a license once the application is turned in?

Ms. Boline: It doesn’t have to take 90 days, for a group like yours who has been planning this from the beginning; we can license you well before that possibly in the same month.

Dante: Thank you Ms. Boline, and is there anything we can do for you, anything we might be able to help you with, we would do this pro-bono of course.

Ms. Boline: I can’t think of anything right now, but I will keep your number on speed dial in case anything comes up.


All my best,

Dante Picazo, CHA 

President & CEO

Medcan Foundation, Inc.

214-733-0868 MB

817-528-2475 OF



Thank You From Medcan and the People of Texas!!!

MedCan Foundation - Saturday, January 09, 2016

Dear Ms. Boline and Mr. Grigsby,

Regulatory Services Division

Texas Department of Public Safety


It is with great pleasure that I put pen to paper to thank you for all your hard sweat and determination these past months while creating the regulations for the Texas Compassionate Care Program. You and your most professional team must be commended for your exemplary work in producing regulations that will bring relief to thousands of suffering patients; furthermore, it is apparent that at the same time you were able to so creatively shape a program that is both financially viable and practical for those of us wishing to produce the medication. The profound compassion and maniacal focus exhibited by you both these past few months and your desire to produce rules that benefit so many is applauded by us all.

More to the point, the protocol that you have gifted us with, I feel provides no one argument oxygen and now is up to us to continue to work on the creation of better laws. Conclusively, again thank you for all you have done for us (Texans) but most of all for what you have done for the patients, whose voice will now be heard and to whom we can provide a reprieve from their pain. Lastly, please know that if there is ever anything we can do to reciprocate do not hesitate to let us know.

All my best,

Dante Picazo, CHA 

President & CEO

Medcan Foundation, Inc.

214-733-0868 MB

817-528-2475 OF


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