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Conversation With Ms. Linda Boline of the DPS

MedCan Foundation - Monday, February 08, 2016


From Dante’s Desk:


Dear Friends, Partners and Shareholders,

It is with great pleasure that I take a moment out of my day to update you on our latest conversation with the director of the Texas Compassionate Use Program, please review it and try to apply the information to your license processing plans and/or your business plan. Additionally, we will complete a report about our conversations with agents and lawyers of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as soon as our project is completed. However, we have communicated with Austin, Houston and El Paso and, again at the risk if being redundant, we still have the DFW, Midland/Odessa, and the Valley regional offices to discuss SB339 with. Conclusively, don’t forget to sign in for our upcoming Austin seminar that will be taking place at the Hilton Garden Inn on February 20 & 21st . Thank you and stay tuned for upcoming information.

Conversation with Linda Boline of the DPS:

Dante: Ms. Boline I wanted to ask if there was going to be any leniency on the 20:1 ratio of the plants grown for the medicine, what if they are 20:5 just do to the way the plants naturally grow, will we have to destroy them if you come in to inspect?

Ms. Boline: We are not going to check the plants, it is the finished product that has to be at the proper potency.

Dante: So we just need to run the product through a machine that spits out a slip of paper that shows the test results for the product to show to your inspectors? Will they be running their own tests as well, or be sending samples to a lab?

Ms. Boline: Correct, our inspectors will need to see proof that the product was tested and passed all regulations. At this point our inspectors will not be testing as we have not found any handheld machines that can be used by someone without a science background, and while we may take samples to send to a lab at some point, that is not in the regulations right now and there is nothing written about having an independent testing facility, that is something that might come up in the next legislative session. Right now it is up to you to have your product tested and show proof to the inspectors that it passes all regulations.

Dante: In our previous conversations we discussed that since this is such a narrow bill with a limited number of patients our being able to dispense this medication out of an existing pharmacy or drugstore, is this still the case?

Ms. Boline: Of course, as long as it passes all the regulations it should be OK.

Dante: So you don’t think this will be any problem?

Ms. Boline: No, as long as you have the proper security which to you may not be an issue, but to someone else it may be. You just need to follow the regulations as written.

Dante: Did I read somewhere that we have to show we are financially sound for 2 years when we turn in the application?

Ms. Boline: Yes, it is in the regulations, you must show your business is financially viable for 2 years.

Dante: So what does that mean exactly?

Ms. Boline: Based on whatever business model you choose, let’s say you show your monthly expenses are $5,000, you must show you can maintain your business for 2 years paying those expenses or have the $120,000 in the bank.

Dante: If you would like, we can send you sample business plans for dispensaries, grow operations, labs with all the breakdowns for product usage, ounces needed, projected incomes and expenses, etc. so you can compare to what you may have.

Ms. Boline: I appreciate that, but it is not necessary, but you might be a source of information to others wanting to do this.

Dante: So what is the timeline right now for the applications?

Ms. Boline: We are currently finishing writing the request for bids for the information system we will use for the Registry. This should be completed and be ready to post for bids by April, it will be posted for 30 days and the vendor chosen and awarded by June, 2016. In July we will then begin working on the database for the Registry.

Dante: We will be getting the applications right after this, correct?

Ms. Boline: Exactly, once the database is complete we will begin issuing the applications. We are expecting to begin the application process in June, 2017.

Dante: Why 2017?

Ms. Boline: We expect to take 11 months to finish building the database, it is a complex process but we feel we can finish in that amount of time.

Dante: But it could take less time, as you seem to have been able to complete all your tasks earlier than originally planned so far?

Ms. Boline: It is possible, but whenever the database is up the applications will come out immediately after that.

Dante: Is the DPS still looking at only giving out only 3 licenses?

Ms. Boline: No, that was in the bill that at least 3 licenses would be issued by Sept. 2017, we will license anyone who qualifies whether it is 3 or 50. We realize there may be some hand-holding (personal guidance and support) with people like you to obtain their license, but once the inspectors visit the site if there are any items still needing to be addressed you have 90 days to correct them and in fact can have an additional 90 days if need be. We want to license everyone who qualifies.

Dante: And do you think it will take 90 days to obtain a license once the application is turned in?

Ms. Boline: It doesn’t have to take 90 days, for a group like yours who has been planning this from the beginning; we can license you well before that possibly in the same month.

Dante: Thank you Ms. Boline, and is there anything we can do for you, anything we might be able to help you with, we would do this pro-bono of course.

Ms. Boline: I can’t think of anything right now, but I will keep your number on speed dial in case anything comes up.


All my best,

Dante Picazo, CHA 

President & CEO

Medcan Foundation, Inc.

214-733-0868 MB

817-528-2475 OF



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