Construction- Puerto Rico

Who Are We? 

VMF Design Group, PCS s a professional services corporation registered in Puerto Rico. Owners are Edwin Figueroa Borges, President and Emilio Velez Rosado, Vice President. VMFDG engages in the design, permitting process, supervision, inspection, planning and construction management. Our firm can assist you through facets of the medical cannabis construction industry. VMFDG has emerged from the constant evolution of a small full architectural and engineering services firm founded thirty five years ago, The RVM Design Group. VMFDG has long standing high level of interest and experience in all aspects of the inspection, planning, design, construction management and permits of the following:

·         Multi- Family Public and Private Housing

·         Indoor and Outdoor Recreational Facilities

·         Public Buildings

·         Health Care Facilities, Modernization

·         Parking Structures

·         Educational Facilities

·         Bridges and Roadways

·         TV/Radio Studio Facilities

·         Office Buildings

·         Sport Facilities

·         Hotel


Why Choose Us?

VMFDG listens and puts clients first, develops solutions that meet the client’s needs in a cost-effective and timely fashion. Their mission is to pursue excellence in design, supervision, inspection and construction management that meets the constant paradigm changes of the global socioeconomics, and natural resources’ scarcity through best architecture, and engineering practices.

VMFDG as an engineering and architectural office can assist MEDCAN clients in the preparation of documents including memoranda, plans, cost estimates, specification and processing in the different permitting offices. Fees may be lower than usual depending in the payment arrangement with the client.

We will be glad to discuss any comment or question that you may have. 


Contact Us

Office Telephone: (787)-905-7548

Office Email: vmfdg2010@gmail.com

Location: Suite 202 Acuarela Street # 100 Guaynabo, Puerto Rico

Eng. Edwin Figueroa Borges (787)- 593-4193

Eng. Emilio Velez Rosado (787)-231-3175


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